Welcome to my HAM shack website, a place for me to document my HAM related things. Currently I am running an ICOM 746 for HF. I generally am doing FT8 though I do participate in the ORCA digital net and Western Digital Net on 3.581MHz (MFSK32, USB 1500Hz). I plan to overhaul this website soon and actually make it more useful with various projects I have worked on, and am working on as well as other useful resources for hams.

I run an APRS iGate using an ICOM 2100H. I generally monitor DMR brandmeister AMSAT TG, and I am available there for DMR SMS, I also will get APRS messages as well. For DMR and general analog 2m/70cm I have an Anytone D878UV.

I log on QRZ and LotW.

Latest SSTV PIC: